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tutor G Please respond to this dialogue;Perspectives on leadership and followership are intricately entwined. According to Northhouse (2018), leadership is a co-created process that involves the behaviors of leaders and followers (p. 496). GLOBE researchers identified six global leadership behaviors: charismatic/ value-based, team-oriented, participative, humane oriented, autonomous, and self-protective (House & Javidan, 2004). The assumption is that these leadership behaviors also gave rise to accompanying followership behaviors. Leaders, it is equally assumed, possess the exceptional talent and ability required to create order, unity, vision, and momentum (Kellerman, 2008, p. 26). A consistent, though unnerving, the finding is that these are characteristics of both bad as well as good leaders (Kellerman, 2004). The discussion on bad leadership cannot be had without the focus on bad followership (Solas, 2016, pp.12-23)

On biblical perspectives of leadership and followership, Joshua personifies a follower of a great leader first then he became a great leader (Num 27:18; Deut 31:7, NKJV) He followed Moses and Moses’ God. Elisha also exemplified good followership of Elijah and exhibited trust in the God of Elijah (2 Kings 2:2-4). In the new testament, Timothy is an example of a follower and Paul, his spiritual mentor and spiritual father (2 Tim 2:2). Jesus modeled both good leadership and followership and many of the factors that define spiritual followership are evident in his relationship with His Father, God (Evans, 2002, p.6). Jesus exemplified an obedient follower and obeyed His Father’s will explicitly (John 5:30, NKJV). The bible also has references to bad leaders, for instance, Ahab (1 Kings 16:30), Herod (Matt 2:16), Jezebel( 1Kings 18:4) to name a few.

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Leaders, whether good or bad, have dedicated followers and this underscores that leadership is a co-created process between individual and leader behaviors.