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Assignment instructions – 3 Pages (max 4) – APA style for citations (IF APPLICABLE) – no more than two citations per answer – IT HAS TO BE PLAGIARISM FREE – TURNITIN WILL BE USED 1) Read the article attached – The Evolving Role of Data in Decision-Making, The Economist 2013 2) Read the 1-page file – The Overconfidence Trap – meaning.docx 3) Answer the following questions: a. Based on the definition of “big data” presented in the article, identify an example data set and describe how the data set meets the “Three Vs’” criteria? b. According to the reading, what are three key requirements for an organization or a business to be successful in effectively utilizing data to drive and make decisions? c. How does the Decision Analysis Process help you to avoid the “Alice in Wonderland Problem” described in the reading? d. Describe how a data-driven culture and organization would be prepared to avoid or counteract the decision trap called “Overconfidence trap” – Read the meaning of that e. Describe some skills or attitudes that an MBA student should develop in order to be an effective leader in a data driven culture and business environment.


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