Account Assertions And Related Audit Objectives And Internal Controls Audit Evidence 3280761

AAC 2007 AUDITING I CRN-82305-201803 : Assignment #2
Due: 09-08-2019
Format: Essay / Research White Paper
Value: 15% or 25% (option)
Parameters: Typed, 500 words minimum
Subject Options: In your own words, discuss the importance and key points relating to:
1. Account Assertions and related audit objectives and Internal Controls
2. Audit Evidence and its relationship to the Audit Risk Model
3. Materiality and its relationship to the Audit Risk Model
All materials referenced in your submission must be acknowledged (usually in footnotes)
All submissions should be made electronically via e-mail to the Course Instructor
Warning: Only original work will be accepted any plagiarism detected will result in a mark of
zero (0) and possible additional penalties
Computerized tools/applications for detecting plagiarized or purchased content
may be used.


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