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Accounting And Finance – Principles Of Free Enterprise – Foundations Paper Assignment Help

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In this paper, you will demonstrate you understanding of our core principles of free enterprise, the rule of law, constitutional republic, federalism and Judeo-Christian values. Additionally, you will critique Michael Novak’s perspective of Western Democracy as a three legged stool consisting of political liberty, economic freedom and moral responsibility in light of those core principles.

Your comprehensive “Foundations” paper should include the following content:

“Foundations” Understanding

What is your understanding of the rule of law in the United States?

Explain your understanding of the importance of “unalienable rights” to our Founders

What is the relationship between the Declaration and the U.S. Constitution? Are they consistent or conflicting documents?

In light of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, what is your perspective on the proper function of government in our society

Define “property” from the perspective of the Founders; why did they place such emphasis on property?

Does our constitutional republic promote or restrict economic freedom?

Does federalism promote or restrict economic freedom?

Explain Novak’s thesis regarding the three-fold influences central to the energizing of democratic capitalism

How important is moral responsibility? What is its basis?

Is Novak’s thesis consistent or inconsistent with our emphasis on our five core principles?