Accounting Business Decision Ski Tourism Business Business Intelligence Assignment H 2868270

Accounting & Business Decision: Ski Tourism Business- Business Intelligence Assignment Help


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Relevant KPIs are identified, and articulated in the construction of the dashboard. Detailed information regarding the performance and impact of campaigns is communicated to the intended audience succinctly.

BI reports are fully analysed and evaluated in relation to sales performance . Business Intelligence is analysed thoroughly for its influence on accounting and business decisions. The recommendations in the report are well structured, logical and detailed, and the dashboard is clearly linked back to the analysis of the case-studies.

Using the Ski Team data provided in Yellowfin, create a dashboard, with at least 3 reports, for the managers of Ski Team that will assist in the evaluation of their sales performance between 2011 and 2016. Due to the erratic performance of the Europe Region over the past 6 years, the management is wondering what the key drivers of buyer behaviour are in regards to customer demographics and camp locations. Choose suitable KPIs for your dashboard that will inform management about the sales performance of Regions.

Provide a 1,000 word summary, in business report format, that enables management to understand the story behind the data. Within your report explain to management the impact that BI technology can have on accounting and business decisions. Please include your dashboard as part of your report summary.

Use Yellowfin to create a dashboard with 3 KPI reports.
1. Create student account via the link provided
2. User guides are in Resources
3. Have a look at the tutorials

Read through the scenario – what are you being asked to do? Example of a Yellowfin KPI Dashboard

1,000 word business report:
1. Your dashboard is static – what is the story behind the reports that you have created? What further information is being told when you drill down?
2. What are the key drivers in the Europe region in relation to customer demographics and camp locations.
3. explain to management the impact that BI technology can have on accounting and business decisions.