Accounting Standards Codification Based On The Criteria In The Codification Include 4147529

Accounting Standards Codification Based on the criteria in the codification, (include the reference for each item separately), explain whether each of the following transactions that occurred during the year would be reported as Operating, Investing, or Financing activity, and why. If it would not be reported on the Statement of Cash Flows, indicate how it should be reported, and provide codification support for that treatment. a. Land was purchased at the beginning of the year in exchange for a note payable of $200,000. The note is due in full in 5 years. b. Winnie constructed a building on that land, total construction cost was $50,000, and was fully paid by the end of the year. c. Winnie paid $200,000 cash to retire bonds early. d. Winnie holds several debt investments. It sold several of those investments classified as available-for-sale during the year. e. Winnie declared and paid $150,000 in cash dividends. f. Winnie declared and paid an additional $50,000 of stock dividends.


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