Accy801 Csl Limited Company Analysis Accounting Finance Business Report Assignment B 2868282

ACCY801: CSL Limited- Company Analysis- Accounting & Finance- Business Report Assignment

Business Report Assignment:

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Download a copy of the 2017 Annual Report of CSL Limited from the Moodle site. Using the Annual Report and other relevant information on the company, prepare a report that addresses the following:

a) Provide a brief summary of the company. Include details such as industry sector, primary activities, recent performance.

b) Prepare a table that outlines details of the Board of Directors. Include items such as name, gender, age, education, career history, remuneration, and any other details you think are important or interesting.Please do not cut and paste from the annual report.

c) Provide a brief assessment on the characteristics of the Board, considering the information stated in requirement (b) above and other relevant factors such as composition of the board, board expertise, etc.

d) List and comment on important investment or financing decisions made by CSL Limited during the year.

e) CSL Limited follows the corporate governance recommendations of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Corporate Governance Council (CGC) and has several policies in place to support its corporate conduct. Outline the
key recommendations of the ASX CGC in table format.

f) The external audit function is also discussed throughout ASX corporate governance recommendations. Identify the company’s audit firm; specify what auditor’s state in relation to the accounting information and their independence; and the amount of auditors’ remuneration.

g) List some key measures taken by the CSL Limited to ensure that its business operations have incorporated high level of ethics and ethical judgments.

h) Identify the top five investors of CSL limited and comment on the significance of their ownership stake in CSL Limited.

i) Analyse the financial statements of CSL Limited for 2017 using ratios and comment on the following aspects of the company (show formulas and calculations in the appendix and only use the ratios for comments in the body of the report):

I. Liquidity,
II. Asset management efficiency
III. Capital structure
IV. Profitability
V. Market value
VI. Cash flow management
VII. Overall performance and financial status