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Project 2: Compare and Contrast Critique (100 points)

For your first project, you will be discuss the differences and similarities between two works of art. The first artwork will be provided, while the second artwork will be your choice. Please choose one two-dimensional piece from the first five chapters of your textbook to compare to Jean Michel Basquiat’s Horn Players. 

Painting divided into three planes including depictions of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillepsie, and Vincent Van Gogh. Scribbled words and paint blotches surround each figure.

Jean Michel Basquiat, Horn Players, 1983. oil on canvas.

Evaluating Art With Words:

1. Get the facts. Make sure to include the artist’s name, date, title, & medium at the start of your critique. Describe the work in detail as if your reader has never seen this work before. 2. Analyze. Look at the parts of the work and how they fit together. How are the artworks similar and/or different? This is where you want to utilize the bulk of your terms (at least ten). Make sure to back up each term with a short description in order to display your understanding of its definition. Teach your reader what you’ve learned so far! 3. Evaluate. Use at least one of the three types of art criticism (from Chapter 5) to assess the quality or historical importance of each piece. Always back up critical theories with facts. You want to validate your opinion by including evidence that supports your point of view.This critique should be written all in your own words. You should not be using any word for word information found on websites or from the textbook without properly citing the source. Quotes should be limited to 1-2 sentences. Your paper should be at least two full pages of writing. Please utilize at least ten or more terms from your textbook, including least one critical theory from chapter 5. Images should be on a third page and not embedded into the text portion of your paper. Please review the rubric for this assignment before you begin working.

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