Assignment 7: research project mid-term paper final(topic:

The assignment is already done in the name draft, where the in the draft version I got bad grade. Now I’m attaching the assignment which was done in the past the assignment title was ” Assignment 6: DRAFT Research Project Mid-term Paper”

I’m attaching documents now which includes the current assignment template i.e. “Assignment 7: Research Project Mid-term Paper Final” . 

I’m attaching the screenshot which includes “Professor feedback on Assignment 6 DRAFT Research Project Mid-term Paper”, Rubrics for assignment 7 and 

pdf documents i.e. articles which needs to be done as reference. 

FYI: Assignment 6 and 7 are the same, but as per the professor, the concept draft version and main final version is made where the draft version’s feedback help to do the main final assignment in better way.

Note: The topic i.e. Implementation Agile methodologies in Retail Domain should be highly aligned without deviation and should talk how agile is better than the waterfall methodology. 

Important Note: You need to work on the document i.e. template named “GRAD695 APA Template Update” 

Since, the assignment is based on literature mostly on literature reviews, I’m literature review document named “A4 Literature Reviews Assignment”.

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