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Paper: Applied Leadership and Management

NZQA Level: 6

Credits: 15

Assessment Type: Individual Assignment and Presentation

Weighting: 50%

Declaration on plagiarism

I hereby declare that this piece of work is the result of my own independent scholarly work, and that in all cases material from the work of others (in books, articles, essays, dissertations, and on the internet) is acknowledged, and quotations and paraphrases are clearly indicated. No material other than that listed has been used. This written work has not previously been used as examination material at this or any other institution by you or any other person.

Student Name: Student ID:

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

Learning OutcomesMarks Allocated
LO1Manage and lead people to enable them to achieve personal and business entity’s goals.33
LO2Engage stakeholders including employees/team members to efficiently and effectively achieve business entity’s goals.10
LO3Demonstrate leadership and management skills for self and others to achieve the business entity’s goals.11
LO4Analyse and manage the impact of the internal and external environment, and operating in a global context to effectively6


You are required to use academic books, journals, and companies’ websites to support the points you make in your report.

This report requires the use of secondary data only. You will conduct secondary research about the given organisation.

Ensure all research used is referenced properly using the APA referencing standard.

All answers must be in your own words, i.e. please do not use too many quotes, but describe/ analyse/ comment in your own words.

Your discussion for all the sections must be embedded in theory learnt in class.

Structure and Formatting

You are required to develop a Professional Development Plan in approximately 2,200 words. You are required to complete this thoroughly without using excessive words.

Complete the tasks in the format of a Professional Development Plan Report.

Your Professional Development Plan should be word processed in black and white, with the main text in 12 point Times New Roman, left aligned, with 6 point paragraph spacing, 1.5 line spacing on A4 size paper, portrait format (left margin minimum 3cm, right margin minimum 2cm).

Please refer to the marking criteria provided for more detailed information concerning the tasks.


You must hand in a copy of your draft to your lecturer in Week 7 to seek feedback on the progress.

When and How to submit

A soft copy of the Professional Development Plan must be submitted to the lecturer by Week 8. The exact due date will be advised by your lecturer.

Please save your file as: IDNumber FULL NAME PaperNumber AssessmentName AssessmentNumber

For example: 007 TOM CRUISE NZDB6210 Professional Development Plan Assessment 1

Professional Development Plan- HESTA

HESTA is passionate about supporting employees to continue their personal and professional growth. The industry super fund knows that supporting learning and development is integral to ensuring employees are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and the skills required to be leaders within their individual roles.

Superannuation is a complex industry and as such the learning and professional development requirements include a combination of compliance, professional development, soft and interpersonal skills training and CPD all in play, ensuring that you can keep on top of everything can be a challenge. 

The Company

HESTA is the industry super fund in Australia when it comes to health and community services. They are well established as the largest super fund dedicated to this sector, and have a history of strong, long-term returns. They are committed to improving the retirement outcomes of their members so that they may live comfortably when they retire.

Commitment to providing benefits that their members want, and allowing members take control of their future with quality education and advice about super has allowed them to gain the trust of their members and keep their services relevant to their needs.

The Challenge

Like many organisations, HESTA have conducted their training, whether they be face-to-face or virtually, with attendance being recorded in Microsoft Excel. The sessions were about keeping up-to-date with industry knowledge, internal processes or skill development, but there is no central place to see all the learning available, access online learning or report on all the learning happening across the organisation.

The team are manually tracking internal training, however, if a team member went to an external training program not run by HESTA, it was up to the employee to keep their own records, and visibility of all learning happening across the organisation was stored in multiple locations. Having a large portion of their team working remotely, this is proving to be challenging and with the organisation expecting to increase their workforce in the coming years, it was important to have oversight of learning holistically.

After a deep review of their learning and compliance practices, the HESTA team has made a decision to take a different approach on how they provided and managed learning so that they could improve the delivery and tracking of learning material across the organisation.

Having a scalable solution is a key priority and HESTA has started to review several training platforms, and reflecting on her past experience with usability from both an administrator and users perspective, HESTA’s Capability Consultant, Renee McCoy is looking into the pain points and what they need in the future.

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(Modified without permission)

You have been hired as a new Training Manager of HESTA to improve the professional development within the organisation. Lisa Samuels is the Marketing Strategy Executive. Your first task is to work with her and create a Professional Development Plan for the Marketing Team Leader Helen Brown.

Helen is 32 years old single mother who emigrated from Canada with her family 4 years ago and she has been working full time at HESTA for six months. She is a valued member of the team. She has excellent experience from her previous work at a Marketing agency in Ontario. For the last three months she has been very stressed because her 5 years old son has started at primary school and she has been unable to find a suitable after school care for him. Secondly, some of the people in her team have been unhappy as they believed that they deserved the Team Leader positon. So leading a team of very experienced professionals is also proving a challenge for Helen.

Design a Professional Development Plan for Helen Brown for short term as well long term. You will present the Plan to Helen as well as to the Marketing Strategy Executive, Lisa.

Detailed requirements and direction

TaskSteps and Detailed requirementsLOs assessedTotal Marks
Personal vs company goalsIdentify at least TWO personal goals of Helen (1 mark)Identify HESTA’s purpose and vision (1 mark)Evaluate to what extent Helen’s personal goals align with HESTA’s purposes and vision. (4 marks)LO 16
PD OpportunitiesIdentify at least THREE professional development opportunities suitable for Helen including any industry certifications if applicable. (3 marks)Provide rationale for selecting these opportunities. Analyse how these opportunities align with HESTA’s purposes and vision. (6 marks)LO 19
MotivationAnalyse how the selected professional development activities will enhance Helen’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. (4 marks)LO34
Time FramesEstablish time frames for professional development activities in the short term as well as long term. Times frames must be established separately for each activity. (6 marks)LO 16
ResourcesIdentify the resources (for example, financial, physical, human) needed for each professional development activity. (6 marks)How would you access these resources? (6 marks)LO 112
Evaluation of effectivenessSuggest and analyse the measures to evaluate the effectiveness of each professional development activity. (3 marks)LO33
Professional, ethical, and socially and culturally appropriate practices.As a leader, in the professional development planning process what kind of professional, ethical, and socially and culturally appropriate practices you must follow.(4 marks)LO34
Impact of EnvironmentAnalyse the impact of one internal and one external environmental factor on the proposed professional development planning process for HESTA. (3 marks)Identify at least one challenge that HESTA may face due to the factors discussed above. Propose and justify at least one suggestion to manage the challenge discussed above. (3 marks)LO46
ReferencesYou must also use correct referencing style throughout the report.At least 5 academic journals and at least 2 books must be consulted and referencedLO 2
Formatting and grammarWord processed in black and white, with the main text in 12 point Times New RomanLeft aligned, with 6 point paragraph spacing, 1.5 line spacing on A4 size paperPortrait format (left margin minimum 3cm, right margin minimum 2cm)LO 2
PresentationYou must prepare a 10 minutes presentation that summarises all the major sections of your Professional Development Plan. Your audiences will be the employee (Helen), Marketing Strategy Executive (Lisa) and the Marketing Manager. See more details in the ‘Presentation’ Section of this assessment.LO210
Total Marks60


1. You must prepare a 10 minutes presentation that summarises all the major sections of your Professional Development Plan. Therefore, you can complete this task only after you have completed and handed in the Plan.

2. Please note the presentation will be recorded by your lecturer (i.e. videotaped) for the purpose of post-moderation. You are required to hand in all presentation visuals (e.g. poster, slideshow, flipchart paper), as well as any props and handouts used in this presentation.

3. Your presentation is an individual presentation, i.e. no group presentation is allowed

4. You must hand your presentation material to your lecturer at least one day before the presentation.

5. You need to prepare presentation visuals that guide and lead your presentation. Please note:

a. Visuals must support your presentation and should not distract from your presentation (e.g. too crowded, illustrations that are not linked to the content)

b. Visuals must be of high quality (e.g. free of grammar and spelling errors). Good visuals will have a combination of words and graphics

c. While MS PowerPoint slides are very popular, please remember they are not the only visuals available

d. Please use handouts as you see fit

6. Please ensure you speak in a clear and concise manner and engage with your audience

7. You may use presentation notes to support your presentation but please ensure you do not read of such notes. Your notes should be a backup only in case you get stuck, or in case you need to cite data that is difficult to remember (e.g. statistics/data).

8. Please refer to the marking guide for more detailed information concerning the presentation task.