SDL 100

Spring 2020 (2)

Course Project: Principles in Our Lives

Deliverable 3: TAP 3


Name: _____________________________ Student ID: ______________________Assessment CriteriaReportNeeds improvementAverage workGood workStrong workResultComment1. Shows understanding of IRM and evidence of communicating the principles2. Content is relevant and to the point; it addresses the question(s) posed, and there is evidence of use of aspects from textbook3. There is clear evidence of work and effort.4. The principles are applied to specific, real-life situations5. Structure of the report is clear and appropriate; points are logically presented and interrelated55555101010101015151515152020202020DESCRIPTION OF THE TASKDraft a real-life situation in which you could demonstrate some of Carnegie’s principles from Part 4BE A LEADER: HOW TO CHANGE PEOPLE WITHOUT GIVING OFFENSE OR AROUSING RESENTMENT· Begin with praise – positive evaluation and feedback, complement other people· Call attention to mistakes indirectly – answer tasks, given on small cards· Talk about your own mistakes· Ask questions· Let the other person save face· Praise every improvement· Give the other person a reputation to live up to.· Use encouragement· Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggestThe task consists of 2 parts:1. Explain a real-life situation in the form of a story. Invent characters and give them their voices; make up places and events that happen in the story. A story should demonstrate at least 3 principles.2. List the principles that this story talked about. Explain how the principles are connected to your story.Bonus Question: (10%)Think of yourself as a leader. Which 3 principles you would like to improve in your leadership style and why do you think it is important to improve those principles. Write a paragraph answering these questions.Copyright © American College of the Middle East. 2019 2020.Copyright © American College of the Middle East. 2019 2020.