Blog: communication and error: assessing the relationship

You have learned about the relationship between communication and  human error. For this blog, you will determine recommendations to  correct these errors and assess the relationship. 

Based on your module readings and videos, and the article retrieved from the Hunt Library, Poor Communication Skills Means High Risk For Aviation Safety (attached), do the following.

  • Explain what is meant by “Communication effectiveness and efficiency  represent the most important pillars to maintain safety in an airline  operation.”
  • Explore the function of communication and why it is important to an organization.
  • Why is it needed to maintain a safety culture within an organization?
  • Explain the butterfly effect in communication and how it can influence aviation safety.
  • Finally, analyze the different types of communication and determine  what leaders need to do to integrate efficient, adequate, and effective  communication in the workplace.

This is a blog using the Discussions Tool for your post and replies:

Start with an ‘eye-catching‘ title, then create/write your blog. 

Remember, the goal of this activity is to promote critical thinking and to reflect on the topic. Additionally, include properly formatted in-text citations and  references to support your position. About a page and can include pictures or videos. 

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Approximately 250 words