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The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management

· Chapter 8: Effectively Communicating the Data, pgs. 224-245

The first module gave you an introduction to public budgeting from a practical standpoint as well as introduced you to some of the theoretical concepts that are associated with the practice. Although this information is very valuable, it is important to be aware of the human element that heavily influences the budgeting process. In this module, we will discuss the main actors that are associated with the budget process and how different groups can influence budget decisions and policy making. In addition, we will discuss the budget cycles and timeframes associated with budget development and how this relates to the larger budget “game.”


M8D1: Effective Data Communication


Let’s engage in some dialogue. It’s one thing to read about a topic. But, in order to learn, we need to think, write, and talk about the topic. We’ve combined the module notes with a discussion so that you may jot down your thoughts, insights, questions, etc. as you read.

Within the notes, you’ll find guiding questions, articles, and videos to help spark the conversations. To start the course off, let’s talk about the differences between public and private budgets. Let’s also explore the implications of federal budget differences on the general public. To earn maximum points, be sure to review the discussion guide and the discussion criteria links below.

M8D2: Budget Proposal Presentations


You should be prepared to defend your budget for the intended project. Points for you to consider for the presentation are:

· Justification for spending

· Using the tools provided in the text to calculate appropriate staff costs

· Use graphs to present data

· You may use any presentation tool

· Presentation must include narration

M8 Student Wrap Up


Budgeting, expenditures and revenue, capital and operating, executive summary, projections, graphical representation and much more have led up to this point. The culmination being that the compilation of this information into a cohesive report that elaborates on the factors adversely impacting a budget (your budget) will lead to a greater understanding of the importance of financial management. How do you assess for risk factors? External or internal risk factors?

Using your current experiences, share a budget challenge that might have lead to improved policies and procedures to offset future concerns or issues.

For instance, as a Program Director in my former life, I was responsible for ensuring the spend of grant dollars was in line with program objectives and outcomes resulting in high performance. The challenge came when conducting a fiscal and programmatic review or analysis of grantee activity to determine if grantees were on target to spend down funds appropriately as to avoid “carryover” meaning that the program underspent during the fiscal year. What risk factors do you look for? Well, that is the interesting part, a review of program objectives and program activities yielded multiple findings, such as student-served population, limited activities conducted, and late start programming, and starting the program year later than planned can all impact budget spending. Recommendations made to reconcile the accounting concerns were to re-evaluate the student population to determine if more students were to be included but overlooked, conducting additional after-school or in-school activities per quarter, and to conduct a summer program to counter the late school year start of programming activity. The next phase was to institute a monitoring protocol to manage program improvements.

So you took the budgeting class, you read the text, and did the exercises; now has the theoretical text and the learning objectives informed your practice or understanding?