1. Identify a human resource management (HRM) practice that can lead to improved firm performance. 

2. Regardless of the specific organization design, in recent years many firms have been:

3. One form of organization design used by many small or new organizations is the _____. 

4. The role of the board of directors in an organization is to: 

5. Which of the following occurs when an organization finds that its current operations are not effective, and major changes, such as rightsizing, are usually needed to rectify the problem? 

6. Identify one popular approach to business strategy where a business seeks ways to become accustomed to its environment.

7. Which of the following terms refers to the relatively stable set of psychological attributes or traits that distinguish one person from another? 

8. The set of values that helps an organization’s members understand what the organization stands for, how it accomplishes what it wants to accomplish, and what it considers important is called the organization’s _____.  

9. Which of the following statements is true of the union in an organization? 

10. The group of senior executives responsible for the overall strategic operation of a firm is called the firm’s _____.