BUS100 1

BUS100 – Weekly Assessment 1 (10%)


This Assessment is based on Diana Nyad’s TED Talk “Never, ever give up”.




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· Type your answer on this document. Do not handwrite your answer and then take a photograph.

· Base your answer on Diana Nyad’s TED Talk as well as the theory from chapters 3 and 4 and your own experience.

· Do not copy parts from the book / slides.

· The completed answer should be uploaded to Turnitin by Tuesday, July 7 @ 5 p.m.



Grading rubric


The answer follows the rules. 25
The answer is complete. 25
The answer shows some originality. 25
The answer is well-written. 25




Please note that a delay in assessment submission will result in the following grade deduction:

· 1 Day – 10% Deduction

· 2 Days – 20% Deduction

· 3 Days – 40% Deduction

· 4 Days – 50% Deduction

· 5 Days – 100% Deduction

After watching Diana Nyad’s talk, take some time to reflect on the different messages she is trying to convey. Then using Diana Nyad’s experience write a reflection paragraph of no more than 150 words on one of the following topics:


1. intrinsic/extrinsic motivation

2. goal setting

3. time management


Make sure to use your own words (DO NOT COPY PASTE FROM THE BOOK OR THE SLIDES)



Start writing your answer below.

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