Orlando Caribbean Restaurant is a midsize restaurant that serves high quality, authentic Caribbean cuisines with excellent customer service. This restaurant operates in monopolistic competition market. Orlando Caribbean Restaurant differentiates itself based on range of cuisines, authenticity, and excellent experience.

Strengths of Orlando Caribbean Restaurant include access to booming market, high quality authentic cuisines, positive brand image, low cost, efficient supply chain, and effective marketing. However, restaurant has not diversified its portfolio. It operates in a single market and targets small set of niche customers. Growing market for Caribbean cuisines offer great opportunity for this restaurant. Like any other restaurant, this restaurant is also exposed to threats of strict legal and regulatory requirements, changing customer tastes, and economic slowdown.

Orlando Caribbean Restaurant is able to leverage its strengths to create competitive advantage, and exploit opportunities. As restaurant has created positive brand image, and loyal customer base, they adopt premium pricing strategy. The USP of this restaurant is authentic Caribbean cuisines. So, they need to import ingredients from Caribbean countries. Restaurant should implement modern technology to improve supply chain, and lower cost. Restaurant also needs to manage its resources efficiently to reduce cost and improve productivity. Restaurant will use integrated marketing communication (IMC) to maximize impact of marketing efforts.