Business ethics/hr- paper & powerpoint

you are going to be hypothetically working for the Human Resources Department of ( Pals for Life- a no-kill animal shelter) As lead of HR, the owner asks you to come up with a packet and a presentation to be given to new hires regarding ethical and moral dilemmas in the workplace.


4-5 page paper & 10 page min powerpoint


requirements for paper:


4-5 page paper is “an HR packet for new hires,” outlining what is going to be required of them ethically and morally. The goal of the PowerPoint presentation is to inform where as the packet is to hold them accountable for future actions. The paper must consist of your code of ethics and any specific workplace rules and or regulations you must have. This packet is going to be almost like an employee handbook regarding ethical behavior as they are going to be asked to sign at the completion of the presentation. From that point forward, they will be bound by their contract to the company and in the even unethical behavior occurs, they can therefore be reprimanded.


 Create a packet of information and accountability that protects the company as a whole and educated the employee adequately.


You must create an original Code of Ethics and have a well-organized presentation that has a logical flow.


requirements for powerpoint:


 must consist of at least 10 slides that educate new hires on the ethical and moral dilemmas they may or may not face in the workplace as well as how to respond to them in order to stay out of trouble. You must also delve into the company’s code of ethics within this presentation. Please note, you must have your slides that will show up for the audience to see present as well as notes below the slides that the presenter would read and hit on since PowerPoints are merely outlines that a presenter should follow.