This assignment contains a total of 6 questions. The word count is included on each question. DO NOT USE ANOTHER STUDENT WORK. APA Format is required!!!  Total word count for assignment should be 1450 words.

Book: Corporate Finance, The Core (3rd Edition), 3rd ISBN: 978-0133097894


Questions: Responses to essay questions should be a minimum of 230 words.

1. What type of capital structure should a firm choose and why? In you answer, be sure to include capital structure fallacies and their effects on a firm’s decision.

2. Define and discuss MM Proposition I with its implications, and the roles of homemade leverage and the Law of One Price in the development of the proposition.

3. What is leveraged recapitalization and what effects does it have on the value of equity?

4. Define the optimal fraction of debt and the growth rate of a firm. What is the relationship between the two?


Responses to essay questions should be a minimum of 250 words, using APA format.

1. Define the three conditions that make up a perfect capital market, and then compare and contrast the effects of perfect capital markets and imperfect capital markets on value. Can they create or destroy value? Explain.

2. Define EBIT and discuss why the optimal level of leverage from a tax-saving perspective is the level at which interest equals EBIT. Does this have a connection with under-leveraging corporations–both domestically and internationally?