This assignment has a total of 4 questions. Each question must be at least 325 words, Nothing less. APA FORMAT IS REQUIRED & YOU MUST CITE THE WORK. DO NOT USE ANOTHER STUDENT WORK! I WILL NEED THE POSTED BY 7PM TOMORROW.

Book: Corporate Finance, The Core (3rd Edition), 3rd ISBN: 978-0133097894 (You will have to have access to the book yourself if you need it.)  

Business Finance

1. What is the best way to select a project that has resource restrictions? Explain.

2. Why must opportunity costs be included in cash flows, while sunk costs and interest expense must not?

3. Compare and contrast the uses of break-even analysis and sensitivity analysis in evaluating project risk.

4. What are the effects of coupon rate to the sensitivity of a bond price and to changes in interest rates?