Select a research topic according to your area of interest

Make a research proposal including general background, problem statement, objectives, types of research to be used, the sources of the data, and so forth.


  1. Please send me the 3 research options before you start writing the paper, so I could choose 1 of the topic
  2. Please find the detailed proposal guideline and example in the attachment. The guideline include the material for both CLA 1 paper and CLA 2 paper. For CLA 1 paper (this question), please only take a look at the part with black letters. 
  3. Please include Introduction and Conclusion in the paper
  4. Please include at least 7 peer reviewed articles (Article from Proquest is most preferable) and text-book as the reference. Textbook Link:  
  5. Please find the grading rubric in the a