Course descriptionthis course presents a diverse array of art works


Course DescriptionThis course presents a diverse array of art works to help students distinguish artistic form, content, and importance insociety. Original art works are analyzed through their historic style, elements of design process, and impact on culturalheritage.Course TextbookFrank, P. (2014).Prebles’ artforms: An introduction to the visual arts(11th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.Course Learning OutcomesUpon completion of this course, students should be able to:1. Justify visual arts in relation to history and culture.2. Examine the characteristics of works of art, including the purpose and structure of the work.3. Interpret artworks using the elements of design.4. Analyze artworks using the application of media, techniques, and processes.5. Recognize an artwork or artist by style and time period.CreditsUpon completion of this course, the students will earn three (3) hours of college credit.Course Structure1.Study Guide:Each unit contains a Study Guide that provides students with the learning outcomes, unit lesson,required reading assignments, and supplemental resources.2.Learning Outcomes:Each unit contains Learning Outcomes that specify the measurable skills and knowledgestudents should gain upon completion of the unit.3.Unit Lesson:Each unit contains a Unit Lesson, which discusses lesson material.4.Reading Assignments:Each unit contains Reading Assignments from one or more chapters from the textbookand/or outside resources.5.Suggested Reading:Suggested Readings are listed in each unit’s study guide. Students are encouraged to readthe resources listed if the opportunity arises, but they will not be tested on their knowledge of the SuggestedReadings.6.Learning Activities (Non-Graded):These non-graded Learning Activities are provided to aid students in theircourse of study.7.Discussion Boards:Discussion Boards are part of all CSU term courses. More information and specificationscan be found in the Student Resources link listed in the Course Menu bar.8.Unit Assessments:This course contains eight Unit Assessments, one to be completed at the end of each unit.Assessments are composed of multiple-choice questions and matching questions.9.Unit Assignments:Students are required to submit for grading Unit Assignments in Units I-VIII. Specificinformation and instructions regarding these assignments are provided below. Grading rubrics are included witheach assignment. Specific information about accessing these rubrics is provided below.ART 1301, Art AppreciationCourse Syllabus
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