def show_table(table): Giventable as a list of lists of strings, create andreturn a formatted string representing the 2D table. Follow theserequirements (examples below):

o Each row of the 2D table is on a separate line; the last rowis followed by an empty line

o Each column is aligned to the left;

o Columns are separated with a single vertical bar ‘|’; andthere must be exactly one space before and after the verticalbar;

o Every row starts and ends with a vertical bar; and there mustbe exactly one space after the leading bar and before the endingbar

o Restriction: you must use string formatting, either %or .format().

o Hint: Find out the max width for every column before you startcreating the string.

o Assumption: every row of the 2D table has the same number ofcolumns. The table has at least one row and one column.

o Example session: >>>show_table([[‘A’,’BB’],[‘C’,’DD’]])

‘| A | BB |n| C | DD |n’

>>> print(show_table([[‘A’,’BB’],[‘C’,’DD’]]))

| A | BB |

| C | DD |

>>> show_table([[‘A’,’BBB’,’C’],[‘1′,’22’,’3333′]])

‘| A | BBB | C |n| 1 | 22 | 3333 |n’


| A | BBB | C |

| 1 | 22 | 3333 |

i need Each column is aligned to the left;

python3 language please