Problem with Circle and Point class.

Define a class named circle. A circle object stores a radius and the (x. y) coordinates of its center point using Point class (Point class should be similar to the one we wrote during lectures. It should have or least two private fields to store x and y consumers of a point. one consumer, a luString method and a distance method). Each circle object should have 2 private fields, a Point objects and radius. Each Circle a object should have the following public methods: Circle(p, radius) Constructs a new circle with a center specified by the given point p and with the given integer radius. getCenter() Returns point object for the center of the circle. get radius() Returns the circles radius. getArea() Returns the area occupied by the circle, using the formula pi r^2. getCircumference() Returns the circles circumference (distance around the circle), using the formula 2 pi r. tostring() Returns a string representation of the circle, such as “circle[center-(75, 20), radius-83]”. contains(p) Returns true fl the pointl p lies within the circle else returns false. Write a client class named Circlclient. It should create an object of class circle and Initialize it in point (0, 5) and radius 7. Print the object. Print out its circumference and area. If point (5, 7) lies within the circle point ”(5, 7) lies within the circle else point “(5, 7) doesnot lie with in the circle”.Show transcribed image text