Define a structure named name that will be used to storeperson’s NAME  String variable named FIRST_NAME  String variablenamed LAST_NAME. Define another structure named PERSON thatcontains:  person’s NAME (FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME)  telephonenumber Use an array of structures of type person named PHONE_BOOKof size 100 to implement following functionality: 1. Ask the userto tell how many records he wants to enter in PHONE_BOOK 2. Promptthe user to provide values for each record. 3. Clear the screenusing System(“cls”); 4. Sort your PHONE_BOOK. Persons are sortedalphabetically by their first names. Persons with the same firstname are sorted by their last names. 5. Displays a menu providingtwo choices to the user: a) Display : Print the sorted PHONE_BOOK .b) Search : Search telephone number for the first name provided bythe user. 6. Print the corresponding result. NOTE: also keep trackof total number of entries recorded.