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Define two variable: alpha = 5 pi/8, and beta = pi/8. using these variable, show that the following trig identity is correct by calculating the values of the left and the right sides of the equation sin alpha cos beta = 1/2 [sin(alpha – beta)+sin(alpha + beta)] in the triangle shown a = 9 cm, b = 18 cm, and c = 25 cm. Define a, b, and c as variables, and then: Calculate the angle alpha (in degrees) by substituting the variables in the Law of Cosines. (Law of Cosines: c^2 = a^2 +b^2-2abcosgamma) Calculate the angles beta and gamma (in degrees) using the Law of Sines. Check that the sum of the angles is 180 degree. In the right triangle shown a = 16 cm and c = 50 cm. Define a and c as variables, and then: Using the Pythagorean Theorem, calculate b by typing one line in the MATLAB Command Window. Using b from part (a) and the a cos d function, calculate the angle a in degrees by typing one line in the MATLAB Command Window. The distance d from a point (x_0, y_0 z_0) to a plane Ax + By +Cz +D = 0 is given by d = |ax_0 + By_0 +Cz_0 + D|/squareroot A^2 +B^2 + C^2 Determine the distance of the point(8,3,-10) from the plane 2x +23y+13z-24 = 0.First define the variables A,B,C,D,x_0,y_0, and z_0 and then calculate d.(Use the abs and sqrt functions.)Show transcribed image text