Definition of requirements for a small company:
A company has a set of products that it can supply. These productsare supplied by a set of suppliers. A supplier can supply manydifferent products and a product can be supplied by many differentsuppliers. Customers of the company can place an order for aproduct. They can also provide feedback on the product. For acustomer, the company needs to record the customer’s name andmultiple telephone numbers. For the suppliers, they record thesupplier’s name and at least one email address. For each product,they record the purchase price, the selling price and adescription. The feedback records the customer, the product, thetext of the feedback and a score (0-10). An order is for a product,by a customer on a date.

(a) Draw an ER diagram that captures these requirements.

(b) From this design, create a set of table definitions. Youshould do this using a set of SQL CREATE statements. Make sure thatyou include all of the necessary constraints.