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Each topic requires a minimum of 100 words and an in-text citation for our textbook that includes the page number.  Do not use any source other than the textbook.

Chapter 1

  1. The Impact of Ethical Judgments on Intercultural Communication
  2. Self-Reflexivity Cultural and Ethical Skill

Chapter 2

  1. Intercultural Communication and Culture
  2. Cultural Perceptions, Values, Feelings, and Behavior
  3. 6 Facets of Communication
  4. Hofstede’s 5 Value Dimensions
  5. Ethnocentrism and Stereotyping
  6. Prejudice and Discrimination

Chapter 3

  1. Religious Histories
  2. Racial and Ethnic Histories

Chapter 4

  1. Identities Created Through Communication and Society
  2. Racial and Ethnic Identities

Chapter 5

  1. 4 Components of Language
  2. Attitudes Toward Speaking, Writing, and Silence
  3. 3 Communication Styles

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