To delete an unnecessary run of data, choose the data in theSummary window and then use the “Delete” key on the keyboard.Please choose the data in the Summary window and then push “Delete”on the keyboard for data you don’t need to keep. Information Flagquestion Information text To display, or not display, a particulardata run within a graph window, choose, or uncheck it, from the”Data” menu within the toolbar of the Graph Window. To display arun of data, choose it, or uncheck it, using the DATA menu in theGraph Toolbar. Question 5 Incorrect 0.00 points out of 1.00 Flagquestion Question text The “Smart Tool” has two modes that we willuse. They are: Select one:

I want to know which one is right a or b or c or d or d

a-Coordinate Tool and Delta Tool

b-Max/Min and Average Tool

c-Linear Fit Tool and Quadratic Fit Tool

d-Zoom tool and Scale tool