media%2F398%2F398b0c3e-4ce6-4f74-bf56-b4To demonstrate your ability to plan a worksheet, create a worksheet, modify a worksheet and create a 3D pie chart. You are the owner of a small business. You want to analyze your advertising expenses compared to your sales revenue for the past six months. Using the data in Table I, compute the total advertising expenses for the six months and for each month. Compute a grand total of expenses. For the three newspapers, combine the expenses and compute the percent this represents of the total monthly revenue. Then compute the total percent of advertising expenses for each of the other three media. Instructions: Bring your complete worksheet in a flash drive (USB) to the test center. Room 417 on Thursday, 2/2/2017 at 12 noon. If you do not have a USB. send the worksheet to your email as an attachment so that you can download it on that day. You will use the completed worksheet to complete the test.. Show transcribed image text