) Describe how you would construct a ‘defense in depth’ approachfor a wireless connection that allows access to a web server.Define at least 4 security endpoints.

2) Describe two security risks associated with StatefulInspection Firewall communications.

3) What is the difference between packet and frames?

4) Describe one specific virus ‘propogation vector’.

5) Describe two ways to prevent social engineering attacks.

6) What does P2P processing means?

7) Describe two ways that you might differentiate a Botnetattack from ‘normal’ heavy network traffic?

8) Describe how the Asymmetric Encryption process works – how itis setup and how it would be used to secure communications from asender to a receiver.

9) What is a Dictionary Attack? Describe two ways you canprevent it from succeeding.

10) True or False: Client computers should allow Port 53 Ingresscommunications.