In this assignment, you will develop a C++ program and aflowchart that calculates a cost to replace all internal andexternal doors in a business. Customers paying cash get a tenpercent discount applied to the total cost of the doors. Customersfinancing the purchase incur a fifteen percent finance charge basedon the total cost of the doors. External doors costs $1,200 eachand internal doors costs $500 each. The tax is 75% (.075).


Use the following variables of the appropriate type: name ofcompany selling the doors, the cost per each type of door, numberof doors to be purchased, discount if paying cash, sales tax rate.Interior doors =$500 each and exterior doors = $1,200 each. SalesTax Rate = .075, Discount Percent = .10, and Finance Charge =.15.

Variable names must be descriptive.

Use additional variables to hold subtotals and totals.

For customers paying cash, the discount should be subtractedfrom the total door cost.

For customers financing the purchase, the finance charge shouldbe added to the total door cost.

The body of your program must use variables only; there shouldnot be any “hard coded” values in the output statements. An exampleof hardcoding is

***Cost of doors = 4 * 500****.

Use cout to output the values of the variables to the console.Your cout statement MUST use the variables to display thevalues

Display the cost of the doors, tax and average cost per door.The average cost will be the total cost divided by the number ofdoors purchased. Display the discount if the customer decides topay cash or the finance charge if the customer finances thepurchase.

Output must be labelled and easy to read as shown in the sampleoutput below.

Program must be documented with the following:

// Name

// Date

// Program Name

// Description

Develop a flowchart

Door cost = cost per doors * number of doors purchased

Sales tax amount = sales tax rate * (total costs of doors – cashdiscount) For cash purchases

Sales tax amount = sales tax rate * (total costs of doors +finance charges) For purchases financed

Total door cost = door cost + sales tax amount

Discount amount = Total door cost * discount percent

Finance charge amount = Total door cost * finance percent

Average cost per door = Total door cost (for each customer)divided by the number of doors purchased

2 sets of test data

Sample Output:


Zipped file which contains:

Your .cpp file

Screen shots of your code and output

Screen shots of your flowchart (symbols and output)