Description Your friend who runs a property management companyneeds your help in writing a program to monitor his rentalproperties. He wants you to write a program that uses an array tostore, display, sort, and total the income for his 5 rentalproperties.

Monthly Rental amounts for the 5 properties:



1. Use a menu‐driven program with the following commands:

a. Enter rent amounts

b. Display rents

c. Sort rent amounts from low to high

d. Display memory locations

e. Exit

2. Use the following functions:

a. Int getMenuItem() Displays the menu Inputs the user’s menuselection Validates the user’s menu selection Returns the user’svalid menu selection

b. Void enterRents(int[], int) Uses a for loop to input the rentamounts into an array using standard array subscript notation

c. Void displayRents (int*, int) Uses a for loop to display thecontents of the rents array using pointers (not subscripts) toaccess the array elements

d. Void displayMemoryLocations (int[], int) Uses a for loop todisplay the memory locations of the array elements

e. Void selectionSort (int[], int) Sorts the rents array intoascending order using standard array subscript notation

3. Main Program uses a while loop with embedded switch statementto call appropriate functions based on menu selection.

4. Output must be labeled and easy to read

5. Program must be documented with the following:

a. // Name

b. // Date

c. // Program Name

d. // Description