design a flowchart and pseudocode in excel vba


1. Design a flowchart and pseudocode for insurance subscription plan. Allow user to enter number of years and the plan price. Assume that the user earns four percent discount every year. Program output is a schedule that lists each year number in insurance subscription plan starting with year 0 and the user’s savings at the start of that year.  

Example: user entered 3 years insurance subscription for 120 KD plan. The program should output:

Year number 0 the discount percentage is 0% and the discount amount is 0KD

Year number 1 the discount percentage is 4% and the discount amount is 4.8KD

Year number 2 the discount percentage is 8% and the discount amount is 9.6KD

Year number 3 the discount percentage is 12% and the discount amount is 14.4KD

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