to design digital piano which operates on STM Board. You willuse ‘C’ as a software language to design virtual piano. The lab isgoing to be two week assignment. In the first week (6th March2018), you need to generate seven different notes (Do, Re, Mi, Fa,Sol, La, Si). Each note must assign to a different button. You arefree to use any buttons of GPIO ports. As long as the buttonpressed, the buzzer should play sound. In the second week (13thMarch 2018), you need to use analog input (Analog Inputpotentiometer) for fine-tuning of each note. For example; the Lanote is 440 Hz in classics, but La note is 442 Hz in Turkishtraditional music. Thus, analog input should be able to tune eachnote with the range of 5 Hz from default frequency (You can finddefault frequencies of each note in Appendix). Your piano designshould have recorded and play options. Once record button pressed,the record should continue until the record button pressed again(turn on the LED to show you are recording and turn off to show therecord is over). After the record, if user press the play button,buzzer should play recorded tones and play LED should be ON. Ifthere is no record, nothing will play and play LED starts blinkingfor 3 seconds. Default note frequencies; Do – 262 Hz Re – 294 Hz Mi– 330 Hz Fa – 349 Hz Sol – 392 Hz La – 440 Hz Si – 494 Hz