Design and implement a Java program that creates a GUI that willallow a user to reserve seats at a new movie theater. The GUIshould allow the user to input the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Price of the ticket (Adult – $10.50/ticket Child$5.25/ticket)
  • The option to reserve or cancel an existing reservation

Once the data is entered via the GUI the program should outputthe name of each individual who made a reservation, the cost oftheir ticket and running total of the cost of all tickets sold aswell as how many seats have been reserved and how many seat remainavailable to be sold. A sample GUI is illustrated below to give youan idea of how yours should look. (Note you do not have to have alabel for seat number since you will not be assigning seats justtallying total seats reserved and remaining seats left)

The GUI must have the following:

  • Buttons indicating the transaction to perform (Reservation orCancel Reservation)
  • Text box for entering of name of customer
  • Text Box for entering the price of a ticket
  • Text box that shows the name of movie goers who have madereservations
  • Submit button to complete the transaction
  • Text box showing final total cost of the tickets
  • Appropriate Labeling of text boxes and buttons

NOTE: The above is just an illustration to give you an idea ofwhat the GUI should look like. You can create the GUI as you wouldlike so long as it has all the functionality required in thespecs

Make sure error checking is done on all input. If an error isfound the customer should be notified.

Make you you you document your code with comments on what eachline or set of lines is doing.