Design a java program named to count the occurrence of a particular word in a file. Both file and the word are passed as arguments to the main file: wordCount.txtSample output:The word “java” appears 7 timed in in the file.



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After years of hard work and sacrifice, Eduardo Lujan-Olivas?dreams of attending a university almost died an hour before hisfirst class.
Lujan-Olivas, 23, is a dreamer, or a young undocumented immigrantbrought to the U.S. as a child. He has been approved for the

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, whichtemporarily shields young immigrants from deportation. He earnednumerous

academic awards and distinctions during his time at PimaCommunity College and then earned a large scholarship to attend

Arizona State University and its prestigious Barrett, the HonorsCollege this semester. As he was preparing for the first day ofclass Aug. 18,

he received a phone call from ASU stating that his scholarship,a tuition waiver worth more than $20,000 over two years, had beenrevoked

because of his immigration status.
Although private donors scrambled to fund his first semester,Lujan-Olivas still needs help funding his other three semesters.His situation

seems to be caused by a breakdown in communication between thenational honors society that awarded him and the stategoverning

body that oversees his award, highlighting yet another obstacleundocumented students face in the higher-education system.