Design a program to displays an employee’s weekly net pay. Theuser will enter the employee’s weekly gross pay. The user willenter the employee’s pay rate and hours worked. The program willfirst calculate the weekly gross pay. Please note that the employeemight have worked overtime. You can assume that overtime iscalculated using time and a half and that a normal work week is 40hours. From the gross pay, the program will then need to subtractthe appropriate taxes: FWT, FICA and state. For testing and designpurposes, you can use 20% as the FWT tax rate for FederalWithholding Tax, 8% as the FICA tax rate for the Social Securityand Medicare taxes, and 4% for the state taxes. Please note thatthese rates might change.

Problem Analysis: Provide your analysis for the requiredprogram. Your analysis should be clearly written and demonstrateyour thought process and steps used to analyze the problem. Includethe following subsections:

*What is the required output?

*What are the necessary inputs?

Program Design: Specifically address each of the followingpoints:

*Flowcharts for each module

*Complete pseudocode for the program

Test Cases: Provide four different test cases, presenting theinputs and required outputs for each case, and the resulting actionof the program. Include two cases of invalid inputs. Present yourtest cases in a table.

Program Code: Provide the actual Java code called Project1.javafor this project.

Submission Requirements for Projects:

You will submit three files for this project. You will have yourWord document, which will have your Program Analysis, ProgramDesign pseudocode, and your Test Cases. You will also submit yourflowchart file(s) (This could be included in your Word document)and your Java file for your Program Code.