Design a program WeeklyPay that prompts theuser for the name of an employee, thehourly pay, and thehours that the employee worked on each day of theweek (M-F). You MUST use aCOUNTER-CONTROLLED WHILE LOOP toread in the hours worked for each day (M-F).

An employee earns an overtime rate of time anda half for hours over 40. It is possible that an employee might notwork on a week day, but the hours worked for a day cannot benegative. You MUST validate the hours workedentered by the user with an if statement – use zero for a negativevalue.

Calculate the employee’s pay for the week and display it ascurrency (2 places past the decimal point). Be sure to label theoutput. Use the command prompt window (terminal) forinput/output.

Create the program, then zip the .java file and upload it. Youdo NOT need to submit a .class file.  Place yourfull name in a comment at the top of the file.


Enter employee’s name: Homer Simpson
Enter employee’s hourly rate: 19.75

Enter day 1 hours: 8.5
Enter day 2 hours: 9.25
Enter day 3 hours: 8
Enter day 4 hours: 8.25
Enter day 5 hours: 8

Homer Simpson earned $849.25