My design is a Website for a business and I need to write aboutgeneric changes that were made.

Provide a status report to your classmates and instructor.Discuss any modifications you have made to the design ordocumentation, whether you encountered any new challenges, and howyou mitigated any new risks.

For this discussion, you will also include information about yourdetailed design.

Describe the documents that you are planning to include in yourdetailed design.

Explain how your detailed design aligns with your work breakdownstructure.

How do the systems components interconnect? What are theexternal interfaces?

Describe how the detailed design informs the tasks in theproject plan.

In response to your peers, provide feedback on their detaileddesigns. Could they be improved with additional documentation? How?Which ones?

When preparing your weekly status reports, be sure that they areclear and well written. Engage your classmates in discussions thatmimic team dynamics expected in professional, real-worldinformation technology project environments.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completingthese discussions.