Details: While the course project emphasizes the Scrummethodology, it is important to recognize that there are severalagile methodologies in use and that any combination of theirfeatures can be integral to the success of an agile project.Because flexibility is key in agile, there may be times when onemethodology is best, while at other times a project manager mightblend methods together to achieve the most effective results. Inthis assignment you will act as the project manager whose task isto align the most appropriate methodology or combination ofmethodologies to solve the given story problems. Directions: ReviewAppendix A of The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility todistinguish commonly used agile methodologies. Review “AligningAgile Methodologies Worksheet” (attached). Select the mostappropriate agile methodology for approaching the project for eachof the five story problems. Justify your selection. In the“Methodology or Combination of Methodologies” column of theworksheet, list the methodology or combination (blend) ofmethodologies you selected. In the “Justification of Methodology orCombination of Methodologies” column, write a reflection (50-100words) for each story problem that addresses the following: What isthe specific problem in the scenario? Why did you choose themethodology or combination of methodologies? Because there is notnecessarily one right or wrong answer, it is important to provide aclear justification for your choice. Cite evidence from Appendix Aor other sources in your justification. Explain how you think eachselected methodology differs most significantly from a traditionalproject management approach.