Having trouble with # 2 and #4. Please help! Linearalgebra
Determine the polynomial p(x) = a_o + a_1x + a_2x^Determine the polynomial p(x) = a_o + a_1x + a_2x^2 whose graph passes through the points (0, 0), (1, 1), and (2, 0) using the inverse of the coefficient matrix. Prove that if A and B are invertible matrices of order n, then AB is invertible and (AB)^-1 = B^-1A^-1 Prove that if A is an invertible matrix and k is a positive integer, then (A^k)^-1 = (A^-1)^k. Prove that if A^2 = A, then I -2A = (I – 2A)^-1. If A is singular than AB is also singular. A, B are both n times n matrices.Show transcribed image text