I have to develop a GUI program using MatLab and it must run todo the following:

1) It must have a popup menu that reads the images in a specificfolder and it must be dynamic. Meaning If I update the file byadding a photo , when I run the GUI the popup must also show thenew picture added to the folder.

2) It must plot those images as I select them on the popup , theresno need for axes or anything. It simply needs to show the picturethat I select in the popup.

3) The difficult part is this one. The GUI must have a keymap onthe top right of the Puerto Rico map such that when I select apicture on the popup , it tells me on the keymap via a red dot orstar , where exactly is that photo from, inside Puerto Rico.Obviously the photos included in the folder that will be read bythe GUI are from Puerto Rico.
Example: Picture 1 is from San Juan. When I click on that photo inthe GUI popup menu , it should show the picture and mark in thekeymap of Puerto rico on the top right with a red dot/star/orwhatever mark I like the area where San Juan is.

To accomplish this part I assume It must be able to read the GPScoordinates of the images inside the folder , in which case Im nottoo sure how to do it , which is why Im here asking. However if youneed me to send post the photos Ill be using for the program , letme know and ill post them asap so you can have an easier time.

It HAS to be in Matlab.

This project is due by next friday so Im hoping I could get somehelp with this since I am unaware of most of the commands to evendo this kind of work. If it turns out to be too difficult or timeconsuming I dont mind consulting with you , outside of chegg , justlet me know.