Develop a simple database for a construction design firm usingthe following instructions: 

The database can be used by multiple projects. A project iscomposed of design items.  The organization has severaldepartments: Architectural Department, Structural Department,Environmental Department, and Land Development Department etc. Oneor more departments may participate in one project. Any departmentcan participate in several projects.  A department may employ manyemployees but each employee may be employed by one department. Each department is managed by only one of the employees.  Theorganization has a training program in which an employee may manage(or train) many other employees and each employee is managed (ortrained) by one employee.  During the implementation of a project,project documents (reports or drawings) are generated.  Onedocument is produced by one or many employees and an employee canproduce several documents. A design item consists of multipledocuments.  The developed database should provide the users withname of the project, its start-date, its enddate, contract price,design fee of each design item, involved departments, basicinformation of involved employees, the number of employees in theorganization, the number of Licensed Professional Engineersetc.

Develop an Entity-Relationship diagram based on the instructionsabove. Your E-R diagram should have several weak entity sets, onerelationship with roles, many types of relationships (one-to-many,many-tomany, one-to-one) and one entity set that containssubclasses in an “isa” relationship. Please specify any additionalassumptions you are making while building this E-R diagram.