Develop a Windows Form application to calculate and display theaverage, standard deviation, minimum value, and maximum value 6grades. All grades are to be stored in an Array

General Requirements – The following must be included in yourproject:

The Windows Form should be easy to understand using appropriateLabel and ToolTip controls tohelp the user navigate through the application

Comments should be placed throughout your VBcode. Variables and control objects should follow common namingconventions (see common naming conventions handout)

Array : Data entered into Textbox controlobjects should be stored in an Array using anappropriate data type

Use Textbox controls to enter the data and todisplay the output.

Use a ListBox control to display thesolutions

Use Error Handling (Try…Catch…Finally) toaccount for common errors. For example, if a user enters incorrectdata types into the data point textboxes

Display a message (using a MsgBox)to the userwhere necessary

Use a GroupBox control to contain theCheckbox controls

You can use a For-Next Loop to find the minimumand maximum values in the array

Use a Buton control to calculate the solutionsand to clear all the data on the Form

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