Dharma Supply has earnings before interest and taxes​(EBIT) of ​$552000​, interest expenses of ​$328000​, and faces acorporate tax rate of 35 percent.

a.  What is Dharma​ Supply’s net​ income?
b.  What would​ Dharma’s net income be if it​ didn’t have any debt​(and consequently no interest​ expense)?
c.  What are the​ firm’s interest tax​ savings?

a.  Dharma​ Supply’s net income is ​$___.(Round to thenearest​ dollar.)

b.  If it​ didn’t have any​ debt, Dharma​ Supply’s netincome is ​$___. (Round to the nearest​ dollar.)

c.  The​ firm’s interest tax savings are ​$___.​(Round to the nearest​ dollar.)

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