I want to make a dice game like this in python:

Create a class that represents the game itself. The game must haveat least one dice and a list of
Create a function that creates a player based on user input. Thefunction should read
the name from the user, throws the dice three times and sets thescore equal to the sum of those
three dice. The function should return a reference to the playerobject that was created.
Create a method in the class for the game that plays a lap for oneplayer. The method should take
the player object to the player as a parameter. The methodshould:
• Show who their turn is by printing a message that includes thename of the player
• Print the score of the player
• Ask if the player will throw the dice again
• If the player wants it: roll the dice and add the value to thescore
• Declare if the player has received more than 21 points and thuslost the game
Create a script that tests that classes and methods work as far asthey should
Create a function that requests the number of players and reads itfrom the user. Then, should
The feature creates the specified number of players and puts themin a list of players.
The designer of the class of the game itself must take this list ofplayers as a parameter.
Create a method in the class for the game that plays a game for allplayers. That is, every player who has not lost or chosen to finishwill still play a new game. You have to find out
how the method should distinguish between players who are stillinvolved and non-participating players.
Create a method in the class for the game that checks who, if any,has won. For that
mandatory part you just need to return one player, you do not haveto handle the draw.

Create a script that runs the game and plays rounds until someonewins