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A dictionary or an associative array is a commonly

A dictionary or an associative array is a commonly used data structure that is composed of a collection of (key, value) pairs. Each key is unique and may appear only once within the dictionary. This assignment requires you to create your own abstract data type for a dictionary. The ADT should contain the following methods: Insert Insert a new (key, value) pair. GetValue Returns the value of the given key. GetKey Returns all keys of the given value. Remove Remove the (key, value) pair of the given key. Compare Returns true if values of two keys are the same. Contains Checks the existence of the given key. Count Returns the total number of (key, value) pairs currently in the dictionary. IsEmpty Returns whether the Dictionary is empty or not. printKeys Prints out all keys in the following format: {key1, key2, …, keyN}_ The ADT should be called “dictionary” and contain two Arrays. The first array is used to store keys and should be an array of Integers. The second array is used to contain the value and should be an array of Strings. The elements of the same index in the two arrays make a (key, value) pair. Show transcribed image text