Directions: Dealing with positive and negative numbers withinbinary can be quite challenging. Being that binary is just arepresentation of a numerical value, we need a way to distinguishpositive and negative numbers. One obvious solution was to use asign and magnitude for a single bit. One common issue is that it’snot obvious of where to place it. Also, adders must have anotherstep to find what the sign is. This also was not an ideal approach.There can Two’s complement is a big part of any operand/operationthat deals with negative values. It simply meant that leading 0 isa positive number and a leading 1 is a negative number.

This process can be quite lengthy to complete each time. Createa tutorial to perform the Two’s complement by adding andsubtracting two numbers. Each number should be a 32 bit number. Onenumber should be a positive number and one should be a negativenumber. Walk through the calculation of both using the followingmethods:

Standard two’s complement

Negation Shortcut

Sign Extension Shortcut

Compare and contrast each of these three methods in terms ofefficiency. Present your findings in a 2-page (approximately 500word) essay.