Directions: Modify the grade book code so that it uses customfunctions to add grades to the array, print the grades entered,calculate the average grade (arithmetic mean, not letter grade),and report the highest and lowest grade entered. This version ofthe program does not need to use heap memory, though you arewelcome to do so. The program should allow the user to indicatewhen he or she is done entering grades (since the user may not havegrades to fill the whole array). When the user is done enteringgrades, the program should print out the grades entered by theuser. The program should also display the average grade, highestgrade, and lowest grade.

Here is the current code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()
#define INT_MAX 100;
#define INT_MIN 34;

char choice;
const int SIZE=5;
int percentArray[5];
int percentage;
int count=0,i;
double total=0;
double avg=0;
int low,high;

//Set MAX TO low
//Set MIN TO high

for(count=0; count { //for loop to read the grades till arraysize
printf(“——————-Enter percentage—————n Addmarks(a) n Quit(q) n”);
if(choice == ‘a’)
{ //if user choice is a, then read the grade
printf( “Enter grade:”);
scanf(“%d”, &percentage);
percentArray[count] = percentage; //add the grade to array

//sum of percentArray values

//update low
if(percentArray[count] low=percentArray[count];

//update high

if(choice == ‘q’) //if choice is q, exit the loop
//clear buffer
printf(“Grades are: “);
for(i=0; i {
//print grades
printf(“%d “, percentArray[i]);

//print average ,low and high vlaues to console
printf(“nAverage : %5.2fn”,total/count);
printf(“Lower Grade : %5dn”,low);
printf(“Higher Grade : %5dn”,high);

return 0;


My question is, how can I modify the current code without using#include <conio.h>, as using this is not standard.