What are the disadvantages of Peterson’s solution forcritical-section problem? Code below shows the solution to twoprocess mutual exclusion problem. Process Pi do { flag[i] = true;turn = j; while (flag[j] && turn == j); critical sectionflag[i] = false; remainder section } while (true); Process Pj do {flag[j] = true; turn = i; while (flag[i] && turn == i);critical section flag[j] = false; remainder section } while (true);Answer True or False to the following questions: (i) This algorithmsatisfies the “mutual exclusion”, “progress” and “bounded waiting”condition. ii) This algorithm has a flaw as the variable “turn” canbe modified by both processes at the same time. iii) This algorithmmay cause “deadlock” if both processes set their flags to True atthe same time. iv) This algorithm satisfies only the “mutualexclusion” and “progress” condition.